The Jolen Group has been a pioneer in the skincare and beauty industry for the last 70 years, and today the group sells its products to the biggest retailers in the world. It has been a commendable journey; something that started out in a small fold out kitchen in Chelsea, New York, is now a worldwide renowned group brand with a rich history. Our distribution network spans across more than 32 countries, and the Group has two featured brands Jolen New York and Evko Experts, both of which offer holistic care for both skin and hair.

Jolen products are created with the focus on bringing about a meaningful and conscious impact on society, where the notion of beauty is not related to how one looks but rather to how positive one feels.

Explore The World Around Us
Jolen brings to you innovative and advanced technology through a range of skincare products.
Jolen New York

Jolen New York exists in this world to unfold the care of skincare, helping women become better versions of themselves – and this is how we define our Brand Purpose, bigger than just selling skincare products.

Evko Experts

It’s hair day today. Is it? Then this time make it different! Give it a nourishing, healthy, and bouncy makeover with our professional hair products that are personalized and lab-tested by the experts at Evelyn Kossak Laboratories, USA.